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Solar Electricity in Texas

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Texas ranks first in the U.S. among states with solar energy potential. The energy from sunshine falling on a single acre of land in West Texas is capable of producing the energy equivalent of 800 barrels of oil each year. Given this bountiful resource, solar is a natural choice for Texas with its tremendous potential to diversify our energy supply, reduce our dependence on imported fuels, improve the quality of the air we breathe and stimulate the Texas economy by creating jobs manufacturing and installing solar energy systems.

Solar technologies integrated into buildings and other urban settings have the potential to satisfy a considerable portion of Texas’ future energy needs.  If photovoltaic systems operating at 10 percent average efficiency were distributed throughout 5 percent of urban areas (on building rooftops, over parking lots, and along roadways), they would produce more than half a quad of electricity – more than half of Texas’ current electrical consumption.

Figure 22. Texas ranks first in solar potential.

Figure 22
Texas ranks first in solar potential.